About Mike Blank

My day starts with a walk.  Barefoot along the beach. 

The water is warm and the air is fragrant. 

Driftwood and sea glass have washed up in the night.

A crab leaves tiny footprints on the virgin sand.   The rising sun sparkles in tidal pools.  I am alone on the beach with my camera.

I am thinking of f-stops and shutter speeds when my alarm clock wakes me and I realise that I am not at the beach.  I remember that I work in an office.

Photography is now only a hobby.  But I have never enjoyed it more because now I photograph only for my own pleasure.

I find inspiration from the quirky, the trivial and the out of place.  From the ordinary.  From the beauty in the detail.


I wish I was at the beach today. With my camera.


Mike Blank

London 2016